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Tim Hagans und die NDR Bigband - Hamburg 2013 mp2

NDRInfo - Tim Hagans und die NDR Bigband - Hamburg 2013

Tim Hagans (tp), Stephan Diez (g), Fiete Felsch (as); NDR Bigband, Ltg. Tim Hagans

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Ben Webster meets Don Byas - 1968

1 - Blues for Dottie Mae
2 - Lullaby to Dottie Mae
3 - Sunday
4 - Perdido
5 - When Ash meets Harry
6 - Caravan

Ben Webster, Don Byas - tenor sax
Tete Montoliu, piano - Peter Trunk, bass
Albert "Tootie" Heath, drums

Recorded at SABA Tonstudio, Villingen, Schwarzwald (Black Forest) - Germany
February 1st and 2nd, 1968
Produced by J E Berendt

Is it necessary here to rehash the biographies of these two famous tenors?
 We'll quote instead from the '68  liner notes on the rhythm musicians:

"Don and Ben were both enthusiastic about them. Said Don, "I wish I could always play with them". And Ben marveled: "The best rhythm section I have ever had in Europe".
  Until recently we boasted two internationally recognized rhythm groups in Europe - one consists of Kenny Clarke, Jimmy Woode and Francy Boland and the other is the Kenny Drew trio in Copenhagen, with Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen and Alex Riel. Here now we have a third rhythm section of similar standards.
  As early as the mid-50's Montoliu was known as the first European pianist who played funk and soul with "black" expression. Byas was one of the first musicians to help and to influence him. He said then: "All Catalans are colored". In 1964 Roland Kirk picked him as his piano accompanist, and just a few months before this recording date, he had a succesful engagement at New York's Village Vanguard.
  Trunk has been regarded as the leading bassman on the German Jazz scene for the past ten years. He earned his first spurs in the Frankfurt jazz circle around Albert Mangelsdorff, then became a member of the Klaus Doldinger Quartet and today belongs to the Kurt Edelhagen Orchestra in Köln. He was Lucky Thompson's favourite bassist while the latter was living in Europe.
  Heath - kid brother of Percy (bass) and Jimmy (tenor), from Philadelphia - has made recordings with J J Johnson, the Adderley brothers, Mal Waldron, John Coltrane, Friedrich Gulda and George Russell. He came to Europe in 1964 at the suggestion of the Berlin Jazz Days and has been staying in Scandinavia ever since".                    Joachim Berendt

MPS CD 827 920-2 / Polydor/SABA (Japan) POCJ-2695      flac + scans

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Ben Webster & Don Byas at Karlsruhe - 1968

1 - Darn That Dream (omit Webster)
2 - Stardust  (omit Byas)
3 - Perdido

Ben Webster/Don Byas Quintet:
Ben Webster & Don Byas, tenor sax
Tete Montoliu, piano - Peter Trunk, bass
Albert Heath, drums
Radio broadcast: SWF Radio Studio, Karlsruhe, Germany
January 31, 1968

A day before the quintet gathered at the famed "Schwarzwald Studio" in Villingen for the "Ben Webster meets Don Byas" session, they produced this excellent record at a broadcast in the german city of Karlsruhe.  Fine music, good audio quality also.

         . . . flac . . .

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Don Byas meets Dizzy Gillespie - Yesterdays - 1952

1 - OOh-Shoo-Bee-Doo-Bee
2 - I Can't Get Started
3 - Yesterdays
4 - School Days
5 - Lady Be Good
6 - Birk's Works
7 - Groovin' High
8 - Oop-Pop-A-Da

Don Byas, tenor sax - Dizzy Gillespie, trumpet & vocals
Pierre Michelot, bass - Bill Tamper, trombone
Pierre Lemarchand, bass - Hubert Fol, alto sax
Raymond Fol, piano.
Recorded Live in Milan, April 7 & 8, 1952, at the Teatro Nuovo.

This pair of 1952 concerts in Milan led by Dizzy Gillespie feature him with expatriate tenor saxophonist Don Byas, as he fronts a predominately European band, including pianist Raymond Fol, alto saxophonist Hubert Fol, bassist Pierre Michelot, trombonist Bill Tamper, and drummer Pierre Lemarchand. Gillespie is in great form throughout on trumpet, and sings on several numbers, including his ballad "Ooh-Shoo-Be-Doo Bee," a funny interpretation of "Oh, Lady be Good," his jive blues "School Days" (which features Raymond Fol extensively), and the rapid fire closer "Oop-Pop-A-Da" (which incorporates an opening riff similar to Lionel Hampton's "Flyin' Home") that showcases his matchless scatting. Byas is particularly enjoyable on the classic standard "Yesterdays" and a pair of Gillespie's best known songs, "Birks Works" (which is plagued with several imperfections in its sound source) and "Groovin' High." The defunct label Moon is up to its usual tricks, with no liner notes and an anonymous glamour photo on the cover......        allmusic

Moon Records MCD 009-2 (Italy)            flac + scans

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Radio Jazz Group Stuttgart SWR Studio Villa Berg, Stuttgart, Germany FM FLAC

FM > Revox A76 Tuner > Revox A77 (1/2 track, 7 1/2 ips)
March 2007: Revox A77 (1/2 track, 7 1/2 ips) > Audiophile 24/96 > CDWave > Flac frontend

Tracks 1-3:
Radio Jazz Group Stuttgart + Engstfeld/Herr Quartet
Wolfgang Dauner - p
Michel Herr - p
Wolfgang Engstfeld - ts
Palle Daniellson - b
Leroy Lowe - dr
Didier Lockwood - vio

Track 4:
Radio Jazz Group Stuttgart + Toto Blanke's Electric Circus
Norbert Daeumling - b
Heinrich Hock - dr
Charlie Mariano - ss
Trilok Gurtu - perc
Johannes Faerber - t
Wolfgang Dauner - p
Toto Blanke - g

1. Continuous Flow 7:20
2. Changes 7:43 
3. Blues For Ede 7:22
4. Bolero Torcello 23:32 

Many thanks to fellow DIMEr franka for sending the original file set my way!
Your kindness is greatly appreciated!

Support the artists! Buy their official releases, go to their concerts!
Trade freely! Do not buy or sell! Keep it lossless!

Originally uploaded to DIME by joerg in April 2007.
Reseeded by propylaen in January 2014.


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Encontro - Amália Rodrigues e Don Byas - 1968

1 - Povo que Lavas no Rio
2 - Solidao
3 - Estranha Forma de Vida
4 - Libertacao
5 - Cansaco
6 - Rua do Capelao
7 - Ai Mouraria
8 - Nao é Desgraca ser Pobre
9 - Coimbra
10 - Lisboa Antiga
11 - Há Festa Na Mouraria
12 - Maldicao

In 1968, producer Luís Villas-Boas joined the fado singer Amália Rodrigues with  the jazz legend Don Byas, who happened to be in Coimbra, Portugal, playing at the "Ribbon Burning".  The result is the LP Encontro (Meeting), released in 1973. It was an improvised recording, produced without any rehearsal, but the soul in  Amália's voice together with the transcendence of Byas's sound more than compensate any flaws there may be. 

 Personnel: Amália Rodrigues (vocals); Joel Pina, Carlos Gonçalves, Pedro Leal (guitar); Fontes Rocha (guitar); Don Byas (saxophone).

Columbia/EMI/Valentim de Carvalho 7 90874 2

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Johnny Guarnieri - The Duke Again

01 - Caravan
02 - Sophisticated Lady
03 - Birmingham Breakdown
04 - I Let a Song Go Out of My Mind
05 - Scattin' At the Kit Kat
06 - Rockin' the Rhythm
07 - In a Sentimental Mood
08 - Mississippi Moan
09 - Mood Indigo
10 - Prelude To a Kiss
11 - Solitude
12 - It Don't Mean a Thing

Johnny Guarnieri, George Barnes, Mundell Lowe, Wendell Marshall, Arnold Fishkin,Don Lamond

apr.17,24, 1956. New York
Coral Records CRL 57086

"...It takes exceptional musicianship to get the most out of Ellington, and Coral has provided a maximum amount of that kind of manpower for this package. Guarnieri's deft, yet delicate piano work is backed by top flight men, each one a standout jazz artist in his own right—the percussive excitement of guitarists George Barnes and Mundell Lowe; the forceful bass work of Arnold Fishkind and Wendell Marshall; and ex-Woody Herman drummer Donald Lamond. Altho Guarnieri is a descendant of the famous Guarnerius Violin family, he has been a piano man himself since the age of 10. In 1937, he abandoned his classical training to enter the band business and went on to become one of the swing era's top names—working with Benny Goodman in 1939 and '40, and with Artie Shaw in '40 and '41. Guarnieri cut the Gramercy Five sides with Shaw and was the first jazz musician to play a harpsichord solo.Style-wise Guarnieri is often compared with the late Fats Waller who, appropriately enough, was the young Duke Ellington's mentor when he (the Duke) first came to New York City in 1922."
Notes by June Bundy

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Don Byas - A Night in Tunisia, and more - 1963

Don Byas Quartet

Jazzhus Montmartre, Copenhagen, Denmark, January 13-14, 1963             (live recording)
Don Byas; Bent Axen (p), Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen (b), William Schiöpffe (d)

1 - A Night in Tunisia (short) (7:20)
2 - There Will Never be Another You
3 - Anthropology
4 - Walkin'
5 - A Night in Tunisia (long) (10:30)
6 - Billie's Bounce
7 - Don't Blame Me
8 - Moonlight in Vermont
9 - Yesterdays
10 - All the Things You Are
11 - Lady Bird
12 - Lover Man
13 - I Remember April

 Though I've chosen  A Night in Tunisia  as cover, here are shared the complete thirteen tracks recorded live at the Jazzhus Montmartre, the celebrated Copenhagen jazz venue.
A variety of releases have been made with this material, under diverse record labels: Black Lion, A Jazz Hour With, Freedom, Polydor, Jazz Colours. In their different editions they have included diverse tracks selections. Some issues give different dates and some mention Alex Riel as the drummer; as far as I know, the information above is the correct one.
  These tracks were recorded in a single night and are presented here in the sequence they were played.  (according to C J Hazevoet).

  Don Byas, born in 1912, was one of the most underestimated saxophonists in jazz history. Like many musicians who took up the instrument, he was initially influenced by Coleman Hawkins, but soon developed a style of his own which incorporated elements of bebop, then just emerging. He won his first spurs in the great swing bands of Don Redman, Benny Carter and Count Basie; but he was also present at the clubs on 52nd street when young musicians like Dizzy and Thelonious were trying out something new - bebop.
 In 1946 he accompanied Redman to Europe, where he remained for the rest of his life. After spending a lengthy period in France, he moved first to Spain and then to Holland, dying in Amsterdam in 1972.
 He made many recordings with the best European musicians and was much in demand as a guest performer with North-American bands touring Europe.
 The fact that he made his home in the Old World was certainly one of the reasons why the US jazz world largely failed to appreciate his importance.
He enjoyed great esteem in Europe however; Duke Ellington engaged him to tour with his band and Art Blakey took him to Japan to perform with his Jazz Messengers. On one LP - unfortunately no longer available - Byas showed how open he was to other forms of music by teaming up with the portuguese fado singer Amália Rodrigues.                                                                                                 Manfred Scheffner

flac + scans

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Americans in Europe - 1963

1 - All the Things You Are
2 - I Remember Clifford
3 - I Can't Get Started
4 - 'Round Midnight
5 - No Smokin'
6 - Low Life
7 - Freeway
8 - Pyramid

Recorded live on January 3, 1963
 Stadthalle,  Koblenz, Germany

1 to 4: The Don Byas - Bud Powell Quintet:
Don Byas, tenor sax (1 & 2) - Idrees Sulieman, tpt (1 - 3) - Bud Powell, piano
Jimmy Woode, bass - Joe Harris, drums

5 and 6: The Kenny Clarke Trio:
Jimmy Gourley, guitar - Lou Bennett, organ - Kenny Clarke, drums

7 and 8: The Bill Smith Quintet:
Bill Smith, clarinet - Herb Geller, alto sax - Jimmy Gourley, guitar
Bob Carter, bass - Joe Harris, drums

" was Oscar Pettiford's idea to gather the many americans in Europe in a single great concert. Oscar died in 1960, and in the months prior to his passing frequently gave voice to this idea. "Promise me", he said while living in Baden-Baden, Germany, "that you will do it some day".
 It took two years before the great meeting could take place. It was one of the costliest jazz concerts ever staged in Europe.     The German Radio and the city of Koblenz were the sponsors. The 25 musicians who participated were the real stars of jazz in Europe. They came from Stockholm (Sulieman, Woode); Copenhagen (Shihab); Amsterdam (Don Byas); Köln (Bob Carter); Berlin (Harris), Munich (Geller); Paris (Powell, Gourley, Clarke, Bennett) and Rome (Bill Smith). Koblenz is located approximately at a midpoint between all these cities and countries....."                                                    Joachim Berendt

Impulse/GRP 11502          flac + scans

bonus track:

00 - Billie's Bounce      7:10

Don Byas Quartet:

Concertgebouw "De Vereeniging", Nijmegen, The Netherlands, October 26, 1962 (live recording)
Don Byas, Rob Madna (p), Ruud Jacobs (b), Wally Bishop (d).

Blues by Byas  (Philips NL, 7" EP 433 183 PE) (mono)

  (Side b - "Byas to Baldr"; unavailable up to now)

flac + cover

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New York Objects & Noise Willisau / CH Festhalle Jazzfestival Radio DRS II FM 31 Aug. 1984

David Moss - perc, voc
Arto Lindsay - g, voc
John Zorn - as, cl, animal calls
Christian Marclay - turntables
George Lewis - trombone

1 Radio Intro
2 - 11 Improvisations

total time: 37:22

original cassette recording from FM radio
-> wav (by terratec phono preamp studio)
-> flac

from original cassette by a friend, 
transfer by nadir_53 (December 2013)

Jean-Luc Ponty Quintet - Richard Galliano & Michel Portal - 1998-09-19, Viersen, Germany 77.23 FM MC

Jean-Luc Ponty Quintet - Richard Galliano & Michel Portal - 1998-09-19, Viersen, Germany 77.23 FM MC

2 Live concerts:
12. Jazzfestival Viersen
18. - 19. September 1998
Date: Saturday, 1998 09 19
Location: Viersen, Germany, Festhalle
WDR broadcast series: "Full House"
Moderator: Ali Haurand and Dieter Hens
German TV-Station: WDR
Broadcast date: Unknown

Jean-Luc Ponty Quintet:
Jean-Luc Ponty - Violin
Jean Pierre Como - Keyboard
Guy N' Sangué - Bass
Thierry Arpino - Drums
Moustapha Cissé - Percussion
Richard Galliano - Akkordeon
Michel Portal - Akkordeon, Saxophone, Clarinet
01 "WDR Full House" intro [00:21]
Setlist Jean-Luc Ponty Quintet:
02 Rhythms Of Hope [07:50]
03 Interview excerpt with Jean-Luc Ponty & Ali Haurand [01:23]
04 Jig [08:22]
05 After The Storm [07:03]
06 Pastoral Harmony [08:27]
07 Caracas [10:12]
08 Talk with Ali Haurand & Dieter Hens [00:37]
Setlist Richard Galliano & Michel Portal:
09 Giselle [05:26]
10 Tango Pour Claude [04:14]
11 Libertango [08:38]
12 Mozambique [07:04]
13 Oblivion [04:46]
14 Chorhino Fra Été [03:00]
Total time 77.23 min 
"Aufgezeichnet in der Festhalle Viersen
im Rahmen des 12. Jazzfestivals'98
Eine Veranstaltung der Stadt Viersen"
Full program:
Friday, 1998 09 18, Start: 19:00 (GMT +01:00):
Nils Wogram Quartet, D / B / GUS
Carla Cook & Friends, USA
hr Big Band, feat. Lee Konitz
Chano Dominguez & Band, E
Courtney Pine – The Underground Project, GB
Saturday, 1998 09 19, Start: 19:00 (GMT +01:00):
Interception, D / NL / USA
Carla Cook & Friends, USA
International Vibes Summit (Milt Jackson, Mike Mainieri,
Dave Samuels, Wolfgang Lackerschmid a.o.), USA / D
Richard Galliano & Michel Portal Duo, F
Jean-Luc Ponty Quintet, F / CAM / SN
Lineage:  Lineage recording (1998, Bernhard):
-> VHS cassette: Fuji 300 HQ+ (PAL)
-> Unknown equipment

Lineage digitization (2014 07 03, Pittylabelle):
-> VHS cassette: Fuji 300 HQ+ (PAL)
-> VHS player: Panasonic NV-HS1000
-> Recording software: Sound Forge Pro 10.0
-> WAV-File 16 Bit / 44.1 kHz

Lineage production (2014 07 04, Pittylabelle):
-> Editing: Sound Forge Pro 10.0 (just track editing)
-> Coding: FLAC Frontend (Level 8): WAV to FLAC
 To preserve the sound of the original recording as well as possible:
NO fade-in or -out, NO track normalisation, No soundfilter!
 In short: There is no music left out!
 VHS provided by Bernhard
 Seeded by Pittylabelle, for / 2014 07 04
 Brought to you by Bernhard & Pittylabelle - Enjoy!

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Sun Ra Arkestra Session 2014-06-18 FM FLAC

Sun Ra Arkestra - BBC Session
Livingston Studios London
Recorded: 18th June 2014
Broadcast: 30th June 2014

BBC 'Jazz on 3' > 320k AAC > i-Sound recorder (44.1k wav) > 
Edit > TLH (flac 6 + SBE / Decode check) > Tag & Rename (flac tags) 

Nice Fastone artworks included (thanks !!) 

Quality: EX as always 

A wonderful quality recording and performance, interspersed apparently by poems / quotes recorded some time ago
by the BBC of Sun Ra himself, nice touch as it is celebrating his birth 100 years ago !!

Also most gratifying, there is much more music and less talk  than usual (as there was with the recent Loose Tubes
broadcast), so if you like this, please Email that you like this kind of program editing.

TomP post on Dime, July 2014...Enjoy !!

Marshall Allen – alto sax and EVI
Tara Middleton – vocals and violin
Knoel Scott – alto sax and percussion
Charles Davis – tenor sax
Shabaka Hutchings – tenor sax and bass clarinet
Danny Ray Thompson – baritone sax and percussion
Cecil Brooks – trumpet
Vincent Chancey – French horn
Dave Davis – trombone
Farid Barron – piano
Dave Hotep – guitar
Tylor Mitchell – bass
Elson Nascimento – percussion
Stanley Morgan – percussion
Wayne Smith Jnr – drums

00 - Interview + Intro
01 - Queer Notions (6.02)
02 - Space Chord (3.59)
03 - Wish Upon A Star (8.10)
04 - Saturn (6.35)
05 - Love in Outer Space (9.26)
06 - Dancing Shadows (8.11)
07 - Swirling (9.29)
08 - Discipline 27b (6.32)
09 - Angels And Demons At Play (11.52)
10 - Enlightenment (6.09)

Total Music = 76:25 (without track 00)

Edit details (Nero 8 unless stated)
Fixed transmission break about 1:40 on track 04
Removed most of the announcer
Normalised volume
Added flac tags (Tag&Rename)